Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First time travel in Batam Island ?

Traveling to Batam ? First time in Batam , second time and so on yet you still need a bit of guide ?

Well you can always ask me about anything . I know that 85% of you guys who travel into Batam come out dissatisfied - disappointing - a little bit unexpected and I can relate to you in this because I understand you .

The Indonesian locals here (tour guides normally , taxi drivers and so on) are not as you expect . They may seem nice but they are so much like a wolf in sheeps skin . They expect something else in return and that is typical . I myself who lives in Batam am striving with the attitude of 'i help you , you better give me something in return' attitude .

Please becareful with who you ask help for because 90% of the people here in Indonesia EXPECT something in return . And this will never change in the next 20 year !

I'm sorry to tell you this because I really want the people here to change for the better and I'm taking this small step by warning you guys a little bit to stay away if possible from them . They're not dangerous but they have pathetic attitude .

If you need any help you can always ask me , contact me here +6285668464630 or add my Facebook page at wrcchamp@hotmail.com and i'll be glad to give you perfect information on how to deal your travel in Batam .

Monday, March 7, 2011

Duta Plamo Residence Batam Center

di jual rmh hook tipe 89/128 blok A no. 1 di Duta Plamo . harga Rp. 472.900.000 . DP20% , cicil 12x . kalau berminat hubungi saya di 085668464630 . 2 lantai , 3 kamar , 2 wc , 1 ruang tamu , 1 dapur .

Palm Regency Batam Center

segera dilaunching perumahan Palm Regency dibatam centre daerah belakang Galael batam center dengan konsep 2 lantai . harga mulai dari 250jt-an untuk tipe 48/104 dan 380jt-an untuk tipe 60/120 . bagi yg lagi cari rumah segera inbox ato sms kenomor saya di 085668464630 . maka akan dapat harga launching dan juga posisi rumah yg di inginkan . thx

Thursday, February 24, 2011


ARIRA GARDEN 770 unit. Baru launching 2 Bulan .

Rumah type 36/84 (6 x 14)
Rumah type 36/78 (6 x 13)
Rumah type 30/71.5 (5.5 x 13)
Rumah type 30/60.5 (5.5 x 10)
TOWNHOUSE type 145 (6 x 20)

Dijual rumah diperumahan Arira Garden dengan harga yang murah (80jutaan - 135jutaan) dan cicilan yang ringan - 12x / 24x (sampai 600ribuan/bulan) .

Lokasi strategis terletak diKawasan Batam Center .
Dekat dengan swalayan Botania .
Dekat dengan Bandara Hand Nadim .

Untuk ruko sudah tersisa 15 unit saja .

Kalau ada yang berminat silakan hubungi saya ya di 085668464630 , Richard .

*foto2 nya blom saya upload*